How much money should your email marketing bring to your eCommerce?

Navigating the world of email marketing can be a game-changer for any e-commerce business. Understanding and leveraging the right benchmarks can significantly boost your revenue. But what's a realistic target? Should you aim for 20%, 25%, or even 50% of your revenue coming from email marketing? Let's dive into how you can make email marketing, especially through tools like Klaviyo, a potent revenue generator for your e-commerce venture.

The role of benchmarks in email marketing

Did you know that a well-executed email marketing strategy can contribute between 20% to 25% of your total revenue? In some exceptional cases, this can even soar up to 50%. These figures aren't just aspirational; they're attainable targets. But remember, email marketing is more of an amplifier than a magician; it enhances what you're already doing in terms of sales, rather than creating leads out of thin air.

Crafting a compelling welcome offer

The key to unlocking your email marketing potential starts with an irresistible welcome offer. Your welcome flow is crucial; it's often the second or third highest-performing flow in many Klaviyo accounts, just behind the abandoned checkout flow. If your welcome flow isn’t among your top performers, it's time to reconsider the allure of your welcome offer and how you’re capturing sign-ups.

Fine-tuning the welcome flow

Is your pop-up form converting visitors into subscribers effectively? A healthy sign-up rate is critical. If you're only seeing a 1% or 2% rate, there’s room for improvement. This could be due to an unappealing welcome offer or the way it's presented. Sometimes, a simple tweak in design or copy can make all the difference.

Communicating your offer effectively

How you frame your offer matters. For instance, if you can afford a 10% discount on an average product price of $150, consider presenting it as a $15 off coupon instead. A direct dollar discount often appears more valuable than a percentage off, and it’s all about perceived value.

Beyond the first purchase – fostering customer loyalty

Email marketing, particularly through platforms like Klaviyo, is incredibly effective for customer retention. But it can only do so much if your customers don’t want to repurchase. Ensure your product and customer service quality are top-notch. After all, a great first impression leads to lasting customer relationships.

Addressing core business fundamentals

If you’ve ticked all the right boxes in your email marketing strategy and still don’t see returning customers, it might be time to revisit your business basics. Are your products meeting customer expectations? How is your customer service faring? These elements are crucial for a successful email marketing strategy.


Email marketing can significantly contribute to your e-commerce revenue, especially when using sophisticated tools like Klaviyo. By setting realistic benchmarks, crafting enticing offers, and focusing on customer satisfaction, you can turn email marketing into a powerful revenue driver. But remember, it amplifies existing business strengths – so make sure your fundamental business practices are solid.