Setup Product Review feed with Shopify & GMC

Showing Product Reviews on Google is relatively simple. Follow the instruction below and note that Google might take up to 1 week to finalise and approve the reviews feed.


Before you start, make sure you have:

Display your products and reviews on Google Shopping

1. Sign up for Product Ratings


2. Verify the Review Program is added to GMC

If your application is approved, Google will follow up with you, and the Product Reviews tab will be available in your Merchant Center account.



3. Settings

In, go to Settings > Advanced > Google Product Review Feed to enable the review feed.

  • You can make changes to additional settings below, then click Save Settings.



4. Add the reviews feed to GMC

In your Merchant Center account, click Marketing in the left menu. In the Product reviews tab, click the Product reviews feed on the top right corner. Click the plus button


  • Name and input method

  • Give your feed the "" name

  • Choose Scheduled fetch and click Continue.

  • Copy and paste the file name and file URL you see in the Settings.

Additional settings:

  • Select Fetch frequency as Daily.

  • For Fetch time and Time zone, you can keep the default value.

  • Skip the username and password.

  • Click Create feed.



5. Wait for Google

The status of the reviews feed will be inactive initially. Google will manually review the feed, which can take 1 to 4 weeks. A Google agent may contact you to enquire about these common topics regarding your reviews.

  • Make sure to check your inbox and reply to Google timely.

  • Make sure to set a reminder task on Clickup



Problems? Troubleshoot the issues

If everything is clear, Google will confirm with you via email that your review feed has been accepted. After the reviews feed is accepted, the status should be live.


If the status did not change to live a few days after receiving the confirmation email, you should contact Google for further details.


It might take 2 to 6 weeks for this whole process to complete. If all the information matches between reviews feed and your product feed, your star ratings and reviews should now appear.