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Website optimisation

Your website (and your product and service) is one of the most critical assets you have to scale your business fast, and you should treat it as a billion-dollar business from day one.

Throughout our careers, we've learned that most businesses think there is a secret ingredient to success that they need to find and implement. The reality is that the 'secret ingredient' is often a combination of factors, like a mathematical equation.

When looking at optimising a brand for sales and ROI, we review key aspects such as branding, offer and value perception, website navigation, product page layout, information hierarchy, presence of trust, upsell and cross-sale opportunities. Every eCommerce we've worked with was leaving money on the table at the beginning. Common mistakes are:

  • DIY branding or website
  • Inconsistent messaging
  • Missing or weak offers
  • Cluttered content
  • Long user journeys (measured in clicks & scrolls)
  • No pricing strategies (impacting AOV)
  • Missing landing pages
  • Duplicated links to product, collection or pages in the navigation menu

By identifying and addressing these common mistakes, most of the time, we see a massive increase in business performance.

Acquisition channel auditing

Although our expertise and focus is on Retention Marketing and CRO, our co-founder Alex has extensive experience as a paid performance specialist, having worked with five or more marketing agencies prior to starting Multimerce.

Acquisition shouldn't be done the difficult way, as most brands approach it. We help brands troubleshoot their acquisition channel to identify which areas should be improved and are of focus, either in the content production, funnel, and campaign structure/setup, data collection, and visualisation.

Once you have these key areas optimised, you shouldn't overthink acquisition. Simply move on to website optimization and retention channels as again, there is no secret ingredient, success comes from unlocking performance across multiple areas of your business.

Retention channel activation

Retention channels play a crucial role in your business by giving profits a boost when done correctly through email and SMS automations. This allows you to invest more time and money into expansion. Our clients typically see around 50% of their total revenue and sales attributed to Klaviyo, thanks to the automations we set up for them.

We use a combination of standard eCommerce behavioural triggers and more complex attributes to create segment-triggered automations for re-engaging customers, educating them, conducting surveys, managing list quality, and managing subscriber preferences.

Learn more about email and SMS automation here.

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