What is wholesaling?

Typically, it means selling bulk quantities of your products to other businesses at a discount. In the US, during the pandemic, wholesale eCommerce grew 1.17 times faster than manufacturing and distribution sales, according to Digital Commerce 360.

By serving other businesses with higher order volumes, you'll spend less time and money on administration tasks and marketing and benefit from your products reaching more consumers.

Communicate B2B and B2C from one Klaviyo account with advanced email marketing segmentation

Our wholesaler first welcome emails deliver an average of 90% Open Rate and 72% Click Rate and is rated Excellent by Klaviyo Benchmarks. Additional specialised wholesaler flows include post-purchase content and cross-sale, and replenishment reminders, among others.

Importantly, we ensure your wholesalers are segmented separately from your B2C subscribers so that your content is tailored to your customer with the correct pricing and language depending on who they are.

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