Team Onboarding

Email template

Hi { insert name }!


Welcome on-board!


In this email:

  • Your new Multimerce email

  • Access our Google Chat

  • Access our Clickup Space

  • Team catch-ups

  • Website and Linkedin profile




// Your new Multimerce email

We’ve created a Business Gmail for you. You will use it to send emails, access our Shared Drive and chat with the team primarily.


Email: { insert email }

Password: { insert password }


Please add this email to your devices




// Access our Google Chat

We use Google Chat to communicate with the team about our project, and we recommend installing the Google chat app on your desktop by following this simple guide ("Install the standalone app on your computer”).




// Access our Clickup Space

ClickUp is our project management tool. Don’t worry if you don’t have experience using it, as it’s very simple, and we will show you during the next video call. You can install Clickup on your desktop (and we recommend it).


Email: { insert email }

Password: { insert password } (same as Google)



// Time Tracking

Tracking time isn't a requirement from our side (we care more about quality and meeting deadlines). However, we utilise some productivity tools in ClickUp as a team that we'll cover in our next call.




// Team catch-ups

Every week on Wednesday at 9 pm AEST, we do a quick catch-up with the team to review the workload and ask you if you need any help from the team. I’ve invited { insert email }, and you'll see this event coming up on your calendar. There is a quick link to your calendar inside the Google Chat app.




// Website and Linkedin profile

This week we'll add a section on the website showcasing our team. Do you have a preferred profile image we can use? Your Job role will be Senior Designer. Also, feel free to add Multimerce as a current job on LinkedIn.




// Agreement, NDA & payment

We still need to prepare an official document for the whole team, and everyone will receive theirs next month. Of course, we honour everything we've discussed and offered so far. Starting next Monday, you'll be paid fortnightly in arrears at the agreed rate.



I hope we've covered everything! And we look forward to you popping up in our Google Chat once you've set up everything you need. We'll be around today, so let's jump on a call once you're ready.


Have a great day,