Review requests for clients

Testimonials are crucial to building trust and growing Multimerce. Use the template below to request a review from a client. Make sure to update the {name}, choose the preferred opening sentence and write a dedicated review.

Email subject: Testimonial request for our website


Hi {name},


{I hope you're having a great day.} / { I hope your week is off to a great start.}


We're doing a few website updates on our side, and we'd love to feature a testimonial from you.


We're doing a few website updates on our website, and we'd love to feature a testimonial from you. I've drafted something below to inspire you, but If you're short of time, you can even just approve or tweak the copy below.



We've been in business for over 20 years, and finding great digital partners has always been a struggle for us. The Multimerce team are a breath of fresh air and has renewed our approach and rejuvenated the enthusiasm within our team. They've helped us regain marketing funnel traction and are now working with us to launch a future-proof new offering. Alex, in particular, is a trusted business advisor and sounding board and is excellent at bringing our ideas, numbers, and market trends together to create a profitable path forward.



Thanks again!

{Enjoy your afternoon}/{evening/weekend and speak soon.}

Kind regards,



Once the review is ready, notify the Multimerce website administrator via Clickup and Google chat.

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