How to create new Shopify landing page template

Shopify liquid templates let you build any type of content (products, collections, pages, blogs and articles) via the theme customiser. This is a powerful and fast solution to build UX and conversion-ready landing pages.

Watch the video to get started and follow some crucial key-elements that a conversion rate optimised page should have below!

When building a landing page, keep in mind:

  1. On average, visitors spent 30 seconds to a minute on a website. Deliver the most important information above the fold.

  2. Reviews/testimonials helps building brand trust (especially if delivered via video or photo testimonials). Try to leverage these when possible on the page.

  3. FAQs are a great way to deliver additional information at the bottom of the page and overcome objections. Leverage them when possible.

  4. Most visitors are via mobile phones, when using the theme customiser use the mobile view editor