Freelance growth, simplified

I'll teach you how I generated a steady and significant income, owned my time, and kept the project calendar full!


From 🌶️ chili picker to agency owner

Five years ago, I left everything in Italy 🇮🇹 and moved to Australia with just a backpack and a computer. I worked on farms, picking chillies for 80 cents a kilo. It was tough. The sun was harsh, and finding a real job was even harder. I almost gave up.

But I kept going. While farming, I listened to marketing podcasts and got a second job at a restaurant. Eventually, I started working in an office job.... and I hated it.

So, I studied more, started freelancing, and made my own way to finding clients, earning well, and living freely.

I've done it, and you can too. I'll show you the way, making it easier for you.

Simple Freelancing Formula

14 practical lessons to help you:

Price yourself for market growth (not just survival)

In this module, I'll answer: How much should I charge for my services? Should I get paid by hours or by projects? How can I get paid more?

Learn billing tactics to earn more from day one

In this module, I'll answer: Should I invoice before or after the project? When should I split the payments? How do experienced freelancers bill their clients?

Get amazing reviews from ALL the clients you work with

Reviews are fuel for freelancers. If you have a low review rate, you're making new client acquisition harder. I'll teach you a secret I wish I knew from the beginning.

Increase confidence by knowing who you are playing with

In this module, I'll answer: Who are my competitors? How can I compete with them? How can I become more confident? and more...

Craft emails that get responses with my templates

As an agency owner, I receive hundreds of marketing pitches per week. I've prepared templates that set you apart from typical strategies and resonate with business owners.

Learn marketing angles you can use for effective reach out

Remember, business owners don't want services; they want pain removed and profits maximised. I created the 'freelance to service matrix' to help you pitch your services differently depending on the client type.

Let's do simple lead generation together 

It's easy to get overwhelmed with so many lead-generation tools and gurus. I've been there. I'll show you a simple way to do it yourself for free or with the right tools, with no fuss involved.

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Course outline

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Why should you listen to me?

No matter what stage you are now, I have been in your shoes:

And now, I am an agency owner, collaborating with over a hundred freelancers.

Here's a snapshot of contracts I have with professionals like you:

It takes me just a few minutes to see if your email is genuine or an online script, if you're overpriced or undervaluing your services or if you've been freelancing for years vs months.

In this course, I'll teach you how to stand out to business owners like me by explaining exactly what catches my eye now and what I have done wrong (and well) over my freelancing career.

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