Improve Customer Retention

Email & SMS marketing: your primary retention channel

Email marketing helps you gain more subscribers, close more first sales, and drive second, third, fourth and more sales from your customers. By leveraging owned behavioural data, email & SMS marketing enables you to deliver hyper-personalised content and user journies directly to your customers.

Loyalty program: your secondary retention channel

After successfully leveraging post-purchase incentives, you're ready for a rewards program that helps you gain more reviews and social media engagement and promotes repeat sales.

Our Rewards Program clients have a 39% average return customer rate, average order counts of 1.67, and a 10.7% review rate.

What do we look for in Review and Loyalty apps and plugins?

Technology selection is essential to us. We only set up review and loyalty apps with great integrations with your current technology stack, excellent features and functionality, top support teams and value for money. Our top picks for Shopify and WooCommerce are reviews and Gameball loyalty.

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