A/B Testing

Observations on our clients' data trends

  • 20% Uplift in conversions (up to)
  • 45% Uplift in click-rate (up to)
  • 1 week Gain statistical significance in as little as

Our multi-stage A/B testing methodology

We perform one A/B test per email campaign to get precise results. We test send times to find optimal engagement time, different email layouts and content to understand audience preferences, and subject and preview A/B tests for optimal open rates. For automations, we first use subject and preview A/B tests to optimize open rates, then content A/B tests and time-delay tests to improve engagement rates. We always A/B test new content or strategies against existing when refreshing or rebuilding content.

  • The optimal send time for open and conversion rates
  • Highly optimised and relevant campaigns and flows that convert
  • Confidence that new content has improved automation performance
  • Excellent sending reputation and inboxing rate

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