How Cara Cashmere increased ecommerce sales by 49% and much more in only 6 months

How Cara Cashmere increased ecommerce sales by 49% and much more in only 6 months

Project background:

Cara Cashmere is an Australian-owned and operated D2C cashmere brand supplying premium cashmere from Inner Mongolia to the Australasian market. The brand engaged with Multimerce in 2021 to manage customer acquisition and their Shopify ecosystem. In May 2022, we commenced email marketing migration from Omnisend to Klaviyo and the loyalty program from to Gameball.

Technology stack before:

  • Shopify
  • Omnisend
  • Review & Rewards

Technology stack after:

  • Shopify
  • Klaviyo
  • Reviews
  • Gameball Rewards

Project Results

40% Increase in Email & SMS Attributed Revenue

Shopify analytics attributes 20% to Omnisend in January - April and 28% of revenue to Klaviyo since June—a 40% increase.

From the Klaviyo dashboard, 51% of revenue was attributed to Email & SMS marketing from June to August 2022, divided between Automations and Campaigns at 66% and 34%, respectively.

List Growth

Monthly sales for the June - August period are typically double those of the January - March period, considering Cara Cashmere products are most desired during the cooler months. We'd expect signup rates to follow roughly the same trend as sales; however, list growth rates are almost 3X higher during June - August compared to the previous period.

From June - August, we also gained SMS consent from 8.0% of the total list, predominantly through a retargeting popup.

Email & SMS Automations

The setup included 20+ flows with 1 - 8 emails in each with supporting SMS, covering pre-purchase and post-purchase journeys and Gameball Loyalty updates and offers.

Automation Engagement

From June - August, automations earned 66% of the Klaviyo attributed revenue and, by the end of August, had engagement rates considered Good against Klaviyo Benchmarks.

Bounce Rate, Spam Complaint Rate & Unsubscribe Rate

The Klaviyo Flow back-populate function was used to assist with list warming and re-engagement in conjunction with list warming campaigns, resulting in temporarily elevated negative indicators.

Email & SMS Campaigns

Campaigns commenced in May (not listed) with highly segmented list-warming campaigns. By June, we could confidently engage with the entire database and maintain "excellent" metrics.

Gameball Loyalty

From Jun 22 - Aug 31, Gameball played a role in over 50% of revenue, and 2.9% of orders were completed using a Gameball Reward coupon.

17.2% Review Rate with

When moving away from the ecosystem, we migrated Cara Cashmere to Rewards which has excellent Shopify functionality, integrates seamlessly with Klaviyo and Gameball, and has live chat support and transparent reporting.

In August, we performed an A/B test on the Review Request email layout and achieved a 17.2% submitted review rate on one layout compared to 6.0% on the lower-performing design.


We were able to make a significant contribution to Cara Cashmere's sales with a highly integrated and automated technology stack and continue to work seamlessly with their internal team.

Similar revenue attribution has continued for months after setup, and Cara Cashmere was able to hold ground against larger businesses during BFCM.