Gameball features and tools enable you to do the following:

  • Create gamified loyalty programs to reward customers with levels, points, badges, and discounts
  • Ability to redeem points as discounts while placing orders
  • Send interactive, event-triggered, and targeted messages as well as push notifications to both guest visitors and registered customers
  • Build referral and affiliate management programs, where you easily reward your customers for referrals. The more your customers refer your products and services to their network, the more points and discounts they get
  • Send your players emails to celebrate their latest achievements every time they level up, complete challenges, refer a friend or purchase a reward
  • Keep track of your players' interaction and engagement using players' basic analytics
  • Empower your Loyalty and Reward program through integration with a wide range of supporting apps
  • Analyze your guests and players' performance on your platform as well as your programs' performances
  • Segment players based on their behavioral characteristics

You can connect your store with Gameball through Shopify, Woocommerce, or Magento. Gameball also supports Website or App integrations through APIs and mobile SDKs

Keep your customers in sync across Gameball and Klaviyo

Keep your customers in sync across Gameball and Klaviyo, and target them based on your loyalty data like current level and points balance. This integration will allow you to target and segment your players on how loyal they are to your app. This integration will allow you to:

  • Segment your contact lists based on Gameball player attributes.
  • Send more personalized emails by including Gameball player information in email templates.

How to configure Klaviyo on Gameball?


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