Do you know your break-even ROAS? And does it matter?

In the dynamic world of business, especially in e-commerce and digital marketing, knowing your numbers is paramount. One crucial figure that often gets overlooked is the break-even Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). Understanding your break-even ROAS is not just a number game; it's a strategic tool that can guide your marketing decisions and impact your business's financial health.

The Importance of calculating break-even ROAS

Calculating the break-even ROAS is as vital as understanding the profit margin of your products. This calculation tells you the point at which your advertising starts to turn a profit. It's essential not only for you as a business owner but also for your marketing team and ad specialists. They need real-time benchmarks to assess the effectiveness of their efforts.

Real-time decision making and confidence building

Knowing your break-even ROAS allows for timely decision-making. Waiting a week or a month to evaluate your ad campaign's success can be detrimental. As a business owner, understanding your break-even point instils confidence, especially when it comes to scaling budgets and exploring new markets.

Adapting to different markets

If your business operates internationally, it's crucial to calculate the break-even ROAS for your top-selling products and tailor this for each market, such as Australia, the US, and Europe. Market-specific break-even points consider various factors like customer behaviour and regional costs, providing a more accurate picture of your ad spend efficiency.

Navigating attribution overlap and campaign interdependence

Attribution overlap is a critical factor to consider. Sometimes, a campaign that doesn’t meet the break-even ROAS in isolation is actually contributing to the success of other campaigns. It's essential to view your ROAS from a broader perspective, evaluating it by channel rather than individual campaigns.

Patience and perspective in campaign evaluation

When launching new campaigns, patience is key. Allow them to run for at least two to five days, depending on your budget, to collect adequate data. It's crucial to view performance data from multiple angles to make informed decisions.


Understanding your break-even ROAS is more than just a number; it's a compass guiding your ad spend decisions. Whether scaling your business, entering new markets, or evaluating campaign effectiveness, a clear grasp of your break-even ROAS can be the difference between thriving and merely surviving in the competitive world of digital marketing.