Set Up Gameball Loyalty App

Plan your Gameball Loyalty program with this template. (Google Sheet Template TBA)


If transferring from an existing loyalty program, extract the customer CSV. with points totals from the other app. You will likely need to contact support to obtain this, as most apps don't have it readily available for you to download.


Install the Gameball app on the Shopify Store backend and follow the installation prompts. Once you get to this page, insert the Loyalty Program name and select a colour for the widget branding. The app will automatically select black or white font depending on the colour you choose.



Admin Settings

Once you're inside the app, start with the "Admin Settings" at the bottom of the LH navigation menu and check these are all relevant to your store. Most of these are preset from the Shopify settings and won't need adjusting.


Under Programs Participation, ensure "All your customers including guests", is selected, as this increases your ability to leverage the program through email marketing.


Additionally, enter MULTIMERCE30 into the billing settings to enable a 30-day free trial and ensure it's on the "Pro" plan to enable integrations.



Follow the prompts to integrate Klaviyo and apps with Gameball.


The Klaviyo integration requires a private API. Be selective with the access that it has with Klaviyo.

In, you need to go to settings and search for "Gameball" or "Loyalty Program" to get to integrations. Select Gameball and reveal the API key and paste it into the relevant box on Gameball.



Turn off all email notifications. You can leave the in-app notifications on, but check through the copy for any grammar errors. These can be customised further to be on-brand with the brand copywriter.



Your players should automatically be synced from Shopify and be available on this page. If you have any players that should be excluded, they must first be tagged on Shopify.


Create a segment by Shopify tag and exclude those players from the program.



  1. Set your Cashback value per loyalty tier. The base Cashback value is for Tier 1.

  2. Set your Referral values and ensure it's valid on the correct store collection (if there are exclusions).

  3. Configure your challenges. It might help to delete all of the irrelevant ones first and just create and activate the ones you need.

  4. Configure your Tiers. Delete the ones that are irrelevant. Make sure you specify how people can level up and adjust the expiry settings on these.

  5. Configure your Redemption offers.


Widget Settings

Toggle through the 3 tabs to check the branding and previews. If this program does not have tiers or a gamification leaderboard, then hide those elements.

Make sure the Gameball branded footer is also hidden.


Manually sort your challenges as preferred.


Edit the messages and content to suit the brand (use the copywriter for this).