Increase Brand Loyalty

How do you turn repeat customers into advocates?

By rewarding them. All brands have a customer acquisition cost, and if you can entice a second purchase, you're eliminating the acquisition cost and increasing your order profit margin. Why not share some of the acquisition savings with your customer through a Loyalty Program?

How do I know if my brand is ready for a loyalty program?

If you're successfully gaining a decent return customer rate without adding incentives to your post-purchase flows, you're ready to set up a Loyalty program. If those repeat purchases are hard to come by, then you're best to add incentives in post-purchase flows and monitor the performance.

Check your average order count, post-purchase $/recipient and CRs against Klaviyo benchmarks, and if they're Good or Excellent, a Loyalty Program is for you.

How do customer reviews fit into Loyalty?

According to a Podium (2021) report, 88% of consumers consult reviews when discovering a new business. However, most brands struggle to gain reviews from their customers. Incentivising reviews has helped our clients gain up to 10X more reviews and only cost a few dollars in rewards per review.

What do we look for in Review and Loyalty apps and plugins?

Technology selection is essential to us. We only set up review and loyalty apps with great integrations with your current technology stack, excellent features and functionality, top support teams and value for money. Our top picks for Shopify and WooCommerce are reviews and Gameball loyalty.

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