Email & SMS Automations

Observations on our clients' data trends

  • 9.9x Higher $/recipient on automations compared to campaigns
  • 3.3x Higher Click Rates on automations compared to campaigns
  • 7.4xMore conversions per recipient on automations

How do you build profitable automations?

The email automations we set up for our clients usually account for around 50% of the total Klaviyo attributed revenue and sales unlikely to have been recovered by campaigns. We use a combination of the standard eCommerce behavioural triggers and combine more complex attributes into segment-triggered automations to re-engage, educate, run surveys, manage the list quality and subscriber preferences, and more.

  • Recover lost sales with scarcity, product-specific offers
  • Create website behaviour-triggered promotions
  • Display dynamic content relative to website engagement & location
  • A/B test content to find winning email & SMS funnels

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