Notify client of the switch to Google Analytics 4

Email template to send to the client:


Hi {{ }}


I’m reaching out in regards to your Google Analytics account and the mandatory switch to GA4 starting 01 July 2022.

Have you been notified by Google about these changes? If no, I’ll summarise them here:

  • Starting July 1st, Google Analytics 3 (GA3) will stop collecting data and businesses will need to install and setup Google Analytics 4 (GA4).

  • Some of the key-benefits of GA4 for your business includes a more accurate user & conversion tracking on the website with no data sampling, advanced cross-device attribution (for today’s complex user journeys).

  • Old data collected via GA3 will remain available for the following 6 month and it will be delete afterwards by Google. During this time you will be able to export reports.

You can read more in the official Google article here.



We’re happy to assist with the switch to GA4 for {{ domain.url }}.

I can see GA4 is Installed but not tracking data and conversions. Based on the work required, we’ve estimated XXX hours of work, for a total of $XXX.


Let me know if you’d like us to help and if you have any questions on the above.


Kind Regards

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