How to create a client & subscription on Multimerce Shopify

Things you need to get started:




Create a Recurring product


  1. Duplicate the Digital Support Package Template product

  2. Give it a new name with this format:

    Client name

  3. Set the product price to the agreed value (excluding GST) & make sure "Charge tax on this product" is enabled


  4. Enable "Only allow purchase of this product as a subscription"


  5. Set product to Active and Save


Create a Subscription


  1. On the Shopify backend, click Apps > Native Subscription

  2. Go to Plans

  3. Click Create Subscription Plan

  4. In the Basic Info add an internal name and set Plan name to Recurring billing


  5. In the frequency, type Billed every

  6. Create a new interval and set these parameters:


  7. Select the product you just created and click Save or Create



Create the customer


  1. Go to the Shopify backend and click Customers

  2. Click Create Customer and add all the client info

  3. Set the email address to your one and change it after you activate the account

  4. Make sure to upload the client's contract (PDF) in the metafield at the bottom


  5. Click Create

  6. Send the Account Invite to your email and set the password to the client email address.

  7. Once done, change the email address associated to the client account to their one.

Create a PopCart link


  1. On the Shopify backend, go to Sales Channels > CarPop Checkout links

  2. Duplicate the Checkout link template


  3. Remove the product and select the one you just created for the client


  4. Make sure Visibility is Enabled and the Link destination is set to Checkout


  5. Copy Link Alias and send it to the client


Email the client

Email template:


Hi { client name },


Thank you for accepting the proposal.

We've created an account for you on Multimerce where you will be able to see all future invoices, your contract, and more.

To get started, you'll need to complete checkout with the agreed package via the link below:


{ checkout link here }

Your login details are:
Email/username: { client email }
Password: { client email }

If you'd like to change your password, just click the forgot password link on the login page.


Let me know if you need any assistance on the above.

Thanks again—we're excited to get started with you!

Kind regards,
{ your name }