Multimerce benchmarks

We believe that transparent communication and measurable results are key to building trust and achieving success with our clients. Our  agency benchmarks are taken every month with a look-back of 90 days. They allow you to plan ahead the results you can achieve with us, and where your performance is now.

How do you compare?

Updated: FEB 2023
Klaviyo BM
Revenue attributed to email marketing
20% - 30%
Email signup rate
1.95% - 4.77%
Welcome flow
$4.85 (RPR)
$2.13 (RPR)
Abandoned cart flow
$14.02 (RPR)
$3.42 (RPR)
Browse abandonment flow
$6.73 (RPR)
$0.92 (RPR)
Post-purchase flow
$0.97 (RPR)
$0.26 (RPR)
Loyalty & Rewards flows
$4.52 (RPR)
All email open rate
All email click rate
RPR = Revenue per recipient
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